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Ageing Surfer

A community led surf project for those with… ‘experience’.


Surf stuff by a community of ‘experienced’ legends.

If like us you used to be able to get up at 11:00am (earliest), stick the board in the car and spend the rest of the day/weekend in the sea at any surf spot within 60 miles. You may have even slept in the car overnight following an after surf booze tour with friends.

Of course making sure to crack a window due to the Fosters, Sambucca, Pasty & Quavers mix.

Those days might be distant rose-tinted memories but it would be nice to spend a bit more time surfing and continuing to explore surf spots though right?

But we don’t want some Guardian journalist sat miles from the coast telling us where and what is good whilst drinking red wine and smearing humous all over their face. We want like minded souls giving an honest perspective in their own words.

You get surf spot and surf gear reviews here. We also have a tonne of fun and informative articles and stories here too. Or get surfboard shapers details in your area via our independent UK surfboard shapers directory. You can also buy some fun wax or t-shirts to support our cause.

We give you AgeingSurfer, a community led surf reviews (and other stuff) website specifically for those with a couple of greys here and there who have a passion for the splash’n.

Join the Squadron.


Find out what waist expanding old buggers like us and you (don’t kid yourself hotstuff) think about some waves near you.


Real reviews; “lasts alright, even if when you get home your kids are crying, so you leave it wet and sandy in the garage for 3 months before remembering about it.” That kinda thing.


Blogs and the such on exciting topics like ‘food that you can keep up the sleeve of your wetsuit and munch on between sets’ and ‘Do you actually have time for a pint after you get out the water or not?’


Keen to add to your quiver? Check out our directory of UK surfboard shapers. Find a shaper or surfboard repair guy near you and hit ’em up.



If there’s one thing we are, (other than wiser, wrinklier, fatter versions of former glory) it’s social. Make contact with us, hang with us in the cyber seascape, tell your friends, tell our friends. Don’t tell the groms – The youthful, energetic & unscathed people who laugh at us as we creak and groan when we pop up.


Shits & Giggles

Really this is just silly. if you want, tell us some funny stories. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen? Ever seen a badger swim? Share your funnies and interesting crap in this section for others to read and enjoy, and we’ll shove up some drivel too, every now and again.



We’re not gonna lie, most of our merch has just been made to entertain us. Surf brands are so serious these days, where are all the fart jokes? Hopefully someone else likes it and we sell some. If not our mates are gonna get bored of getting the same birthday presents for the rest of their lives.


Wax, branded piles cushions… that kinda thing…


We’re not a fan of the ol’ walking-billboard-massive-logo tee. We like them a bit… silly.



Think you’ve got what it takes to review a spot or some gear, do ya? Yeah, you probably do. We’ve made some review forms and stuff for you to fill in, then send them to us and we’ll shove it on the site for you.


surfing makes you awesome



Jeff H

I like your site

Jeff H

We have no idea what you are talking about

Jeff H

Out of all the PROFILES I have checked for the last 6 years yours is the most depressing.

Scott L

These guys are a bunch of d*cks, but they’re our d*cks


When are you going to stop pissing around with websites and get proper jobs?


Jeff sounds like a prick

Yasmine J

What they lack in knowledge they make up for in humour. This industry takes itself way too seriously

Emma K

So much more politically correct than they are in real life

Jon S

It’s like a surf website but without the cool

Andrew T

I think you guys are awesome