Support us to do more surf ‘journalism’.

Naturally we want to do better surf ‘journalism’. Yeah ok, we get it, part of what we and many others enjoy is that we are amateur at best. It’s ok we have accepted our reality. However one thing is hopefully very apparent is that we have a massive passion for the splashin. We love the surf community, we love the Squadron which provides a bit of a voice for the no longer lower end of the demographic.

Resources have always been a bit of an issue for us, we have been very lucky to receive wonderful reviews, stories, articles and vignettes. However, we want to provide more, provide a bigger resource full of helpful info. But done in the way that we do, with a sense of humour and sense of fun.

So we had a sit down and a think. What is stopping us achieving these aims? And it boiled down to two main factors. First, making it easier and more fun for people to contribute and be a part of something.

In short we need to get on the road, go and visit the surf spots (no secret spots), meet up with the shapers we are trying to champion, take the surfers who surf these different areas for a beer/pasty/cup of green tea and find out more about what makes their local spots great, alright or a bit shit.

Whilst we’re there we can do a couple of podcasts, take some photos, video footage and get together everything we need to provide an honest spot review, supported by insights from local real surfers…that’s how traditional journalism was done right? Boots on the ground…

Secondly, resources. Despite no doubt coming across as a bunch of millionaire sexy playboys/playgirls who spank out 360’s off the lips of waves the size of mountains. We are actually (believe it or not) not. We’d need to clear the excursions with our spouses and family’s, we’d need a place to get our heads down and a way in which to transport a selection of boards.

We need a van…we could use it to fly the flag for the Squadron.

We don’t believe in handouts. We fully intend to use even the littlest additional resource we can get to make what it is we do more awsomer (can’t believe that’s not a word).

We would be delighted with the support. If you feel you could stretch to buying us a pint in a pub it could be the catalyst that creates more. We therefore created a buymeacoffee page. Click the link or the big old button below to support our aims. Geddon, you legends .



If you like what we do, find it a bit entertaining, probably shouldn’t be entertaining it but realise that it is good for the community then we would massively appreciate your support.