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    Look it’s important ok? Data is a big deal and you need to know about it for every website you use.


We don’t really want your data, not with all this GDPR stuff. We would love for you to contribute though, and would be delighted to say thank you on the page you contributed to.

If you don’t want that, that’s fine. We’ll all just be grown ups about it.

Whatever happens we won’t share data or details with anyone and will delete your details after we’ve finished our online chats.

But to be a little more granular – I use Google Analytics to track behaviour on the website.

We do this to try to make sure everyone gets a better experience moving forward.

Google Analytics records data like internet browser, geographical location, device and operating system but none of this will allow us to identify you individually.

More Deets:

If you have any fear at all with how data is being used then email hello@ageingsurfer.co.uk and we will make sure to share detailed information. Likely any data following from previous correspondence would have already been deleted.

In accordance to the law we might have to change the privacy policy from time to time so please make sure you check it every now and again. When we make changes we will log the dates below:

Change Log:

17/10/19 – Privacy Policy written and published



Think you’ve got what it takes to review a spot or some gear, do ya? Yeah, you probably do. We’ve made some review forms and stuff for you to fill in, then send them to us and we’ll shove it on the site for you.