Grom – an alternative definition


Grom is a funny word. A slang word for the younger wave dancer given by elders. You’d be forgiven for thinking that at this point a good article written by professional journalists would insert a load of history surrounding the background and origins of the word. You’re also forgiven if you thought that we might be good surf journalists. We are not, we are clearly just in it for the sh*ts, giggles and camaraderie.

Anyway, every now and then someone will drop us a line or two. Normally they are very nice and supportive of our project. But we have had a handful of those who we may have rubbed up the wrong side of (not a euphemism but can be if your brain went there). So to see a long message in our inbox that started with ‘Wow dude! I feel excluded already!’ made us initially think we were in for a (likely appropriate) ear bashing. However, we continued to read and it turns out Bronia had seen our #notforgroms hashtag and wanted to drop some bloody interesting knowledge all over our (rugged but still moderately sexy) faces.

‘Wow dude! I feel excluded already!

Let me explain – your title ‘Notforgroms’ – My house here in England is called ‘Grom’! I am half Polish (you guessed that). I inherited the house from my parents – my father being Polish.

During the Second World War he served with the Polish Navy on board a fast destroyer class called ‘Grom’ (which in Polish means ‘Thunder bolt’ of ‘Lightening’). His ship Grom was sunk in Narvik, Norway on 4 May 1940.

Happily he survived and settled in England, where I was born. There is a clip from Pathe News on YouTube which shows the action at Narvik and the sinking of the Grom*, which you may find interesting.

(*DISCLAIMER: We’ve tried to find this footage and managed to score this here footage).

Today, like the American SEALS or British SAS, the Polish Special Forces are called GROM – Sadly, I never surfed and now age 69 (next month) and with arthritis I fear it is a little late to start – but I thought you may like my little ‘tease’ and I wish you luck with your new site!’



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